Everyone who drives onto the Windfern School of Choice campus must follow the rules regulations explained below.

Only proper display of the appropriate stickers will be accepted on campus. This is essential to the safety of your vehicle and our campus.

If you will be driving a vehicle to school, you must apply for and use a school issued parking sticker.

Where to Park

  • Parking lot on the Bobcat Road side.
  • Student parents have a designated area for parking. Contact the parenting teacher concerning location of parking lot. ONLY student parents are permitted in this area.
  • Faculty parking lot along the Windfern Road and Campbell Middle School Roadway. No student is permitted in these areas.


  • Areas indicated “Fire Zones”
  • Areas marked “Visitors”
  • Areas marked “WSC Staff Parking”
  • Areas marked “Student Parents Parking Lot” unless authorized
  • Areas blocking roadways, driveways and intersections
  • On the grass or lawn
  • In CyFair Food Mart parking lot


The maximum campus speed is 15 MPH. Certain hazardous conditions may occur such as wet pavement and pedestrian traffic; in these areas reduce your speed below 15 MPH. Any Student, who violates the speed limit, accelerates too fast, or drives recklessly will be subject to disciplinary action.


Place all parking stickers on the inside of your windshield on the driver’s side, above the registration sticker. DO NOT place in the dark shaded areas of the windshield.

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