3rd Mini-mester

Daena Burnett
Grade: 10th
Age: 17
Home Campus: Cy-Springs
Siblings: Jonathan (2), Thomas (11), Aiden (14), and Dameon (19)
Accomplishments: Made Student Council for 2 years, joined the Key Club and volunteering for a year.
Favorite class: English because I love reading and creative writing.
After school, I usually: Watch YouTube and Netflix or read
Favorite Movie: Bring the Soul
Favorite App: YouTube
Favorite Song: Euphoria by Jungkook
Favorite TV/Cable Show: The Good Doctor
Ambition: Something in the medical field.
What topics/things are you passionate about? Helping people and writing.
What inspires you? Music, Successful people, and good quotes
What three things can’t you live without? All my technology
Plans after Windfern: I plan on going to college with my sister and taking culinary classes
Kassandra Zapata
Grade: 11th
Age: 16
Home Campus: Jersey Village
Siblings: 1 sister, Loren
Pets: Karma - Hamster
Accomplishments: Played violin for 5 years
Favorite class: Lead Worthy because it helped me do better with my life and to talk more
After school, I usually: Finish my school work, or go ahead in my lessons
Favorite Movie: Beatle Juice
Favorite App: SnapChat
Favorite Song: Show & Tell
Favorite TV/Cable Show: Billy & Mandy Grims Adventure
Ambition: To become successful with cooking and culinary arts
What topics/things are you passionate about? Reading
What inspires you? My mom, she is strong and helps us be better
What three things can’t you live without? Books, food, puzzles
Plans after Windfern: Community college, then a University. Hopefully medical school later
Manuel Rodriguez
Grade: 10th
Age: 18
Home Campus: Langham Creek
Siblings: 1 sister, Zayda, and 1 brother, Jose
Pets: Blossom - a Rabbit
Accomplishments: Achieved many championships in boxing class, and overall have become a changed person
Favorite class: English IIIB because Ms. Johnson helps me so much and she the teacher everyone should have
After school, I usually: Go train or go to work
Favorite Movie:Forest Gump
Favorite App: YouTube
Favorite Song: Stand By Me
Ambition: To become the best person I can be and do what it takes to stay focused
What topics/things are you passionate about? Boxing
What inspires you? Kids because as I get older I learn many things and can teach younger people what to expect
What three things can’t you live without? My family, my rabbit, and respect
Plans after Windfern: Take Welding classes

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