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Texas state law requires students to be in attendance 90% of each class each semester.  If a student is in attendance less than 90% of the time, he/she is considered to have “Excessive Absences” (“EA”) and may not receive credit for the class.

To comply with state requirements, Leonard Brautigam Center follows these guidelines:

55 Minute Class

  • Period 1 classes make-up time = 1 hour per absence
  • An “EA” occurs on the 10th absence of an eighteen-week semester

 115 Minute Classes

  • Period 2 and 3 classes make-up time = 2 hours per absence
  • An “EA” occurs on the 6th absence of a nine-week mini-mester (MM).

If the student has excessive absences that result in EA’s, the student may be withdrawn from the class unless extenuating circumstances can be documented.  The student may re-enroll in the EA'd class the following nine-week semester.  This often results in a postponement of the student's graduation date.

Notes documenting absences for such reasons as doctor appointments or court appearances must be turned in to the office within one week of the absence.  All notes must be original; photocopies are not acceptable.

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