Red Ribbon Week 2018

October 25, 2018


The week of October 22nd is designated as Red Ribbon Week across America. 

Red Ribbon Week is a time for students across the country to pledge their commitment to live a life free of drugs and to tell others about the dangers and destruction caused by drugs.  Since it's beginning in 1985, Red Ribbon Week has touched the lives of millions of people. 

The Theme chosen for this year is "Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free".   Windfern students signed pledges to live drug free lives then received passports  and "traveled" to a different country each day of the week.  Destinations  included Japan, Mexico, France, Italy and Canada.  Food, specific to the country's culture was enjoyed by the students and pictures were taken in a photo booth with props representing each country. 

Windfern students are committed  to live each day, free from the destruction caused by drugs.

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