Windfern School of Choice

Windfern School of Choice opened its doors in the fall of 1995 in repurposed CFISD central office, following the vision of Superintendent Rick Berry. Offices were converted to classrooms, the School Board Room became the auditorium, the curriculum department was converted into the library, and the superintendent's suite became the daycare center.  Principal Sue Heineman led a skeletal team of only fifteen teachers and staff, but because she chose mission-minded educators who cared deeply about guiding young adults with tough circumstances, she set a high standard of pushing through insurmountable obstacles to reach the goal of graduation.

A year later, Betty Anderson assumed the leadership role and worked to further develop the foundation of the campus.  Three years later, Marvin Webster was named principal, a role he held for two years during which time he continued the process that his predecessors had begun.

Martha Strother is the current principal and has held that position since 2001.  Under her tenure, the school has expanded to include 45 staff members and a student body that fluctuates from 250 to 400 students.

Windfern School of Choice, a purposefully designed small campus with small-size classes, provides juniors and seniors an alternative to the traditional large high school.  It differs also in that it is not an attendance zone campus; instead, it is a campus of choice.  That is, students make a deliberate choice to apply for admission.  Windfern then carefully screens applications, selecting students based on their chances for success on a campus driven by high expectations for responsibility, respect, and commitment to graduation.

Today's Windfern School of Choice not only assists students who are credit-deficient and need to be refocused on their goal of graduation, but it also guides credit-accelerated students who are able to graduate in fewer than the typical four years.

Our cohesive family-like learning community is its signature feature.  When asked why Windfern has made a difference, many students share that they feel a sense of belonging.  Others cite the small classes and the individualized attention they receive from their teachers.  The common thread among all their responses is a new found whatever-it-takes attitude!

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